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S.A. CREDIT SOLUTIONS are a team of highly skilled individuals, who specializes in debt problems and finding solutions to overcome and manage your financial problems.

We consist of a team of CONSULTANTS, DEBT COUNSELLORS and ATTORNEYS, who together, find the best solution for you to get out of debt.

S.A. CREDIT SOLUTIONS is the only Debt Counselling company that specializes in more than just Debt Review.
We specializes in various financial solutions, guaranteed to assist any client, in every financial predicament – a solution that best suit your needs.

Our consultants are experienced people who will assess your debt problems and offer you advice on which one of our various debt solutions, will be the best one for you; Your matter will then be referred to the appropriate department, who will immediately proceed;

Our Debt Counsellors work out a monthly budget, so you have enough money to support yourself and your family first; They work out a payment plan, so that you can only pay one amount each month, that can be divided amongst all your creditors; They calculate how long it will take you to finish the payment to your credit providers; They contact the Credit Bureau and all your credit providers on your behalf; They negotiate with credit providers on your behalf;

They deal directly with the attorneys of the credit providers and if necessary and possible, institute action to stop any legal proceedings against you; They also deal with all legal action that is being taken against you (e.g. Letters of Demand, Repossessions and Summonses, etc.);